The Opportunities In Quick Plans Of Bridesmaid Dresses

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Baltimore was so segregated. There was a separate tennis court, baseball diamond and basketball court." The former senator, a member of the prominent Mitchell political family, had a personal take on many of the images. He recalled how first lady Eleanor Roosevelt came to Baltimore to address the black community, only to find that the Lyric would not permit an integrated audience to hear her. Henderson was called upon to photograph these celebrity and political appearances. "My grandmother got the event moved to her church Sharp Street. That's where Eleanor Roosevelt spoke," Mitchell said of his grandmother, Lillie Mae Carroll Jackson. Mitchell's remarks helped unlock some of the mysteries and puzzles in the collection of photographs that curators have been sifting through. "There are almost 7,000 images in the collection," said Joe Tropea, curator of films and photographs at the historical society. "Six or seven years ago, we thought we really needed to get the images out, to put them before the people who could help identify them. We've been doing outreach where we hope people might recognize themselves or their friends." The Henderson collection was donated for preservation by Henderson's widow, Elizabeth Johnson, a grade-school teacher, decades ago.

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