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A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission sign is pictured at the headquarters building in Rockville, Maryland, March 21, 2011. REUTERS/Larry Downing "At this time, there are no indications of any specific safety concerns for U.S. reactors," NRC spokesman David McIntyre said on Thursday. Still, anti-nuclear power advocates, including Greenpeace, have pushed NRC to reveal which U.S. reactors have the components, saying that there could be risks to the public. Areva sent the names of at least nine U.S. reactors with parts from Le Creusot on Dec. 15, but asked the agency not to name them due to proprietary business concerns. The NRC's letter says the agency is not convinced the information is of competitive value, and will release the names 10 calendar days after receipt of the missive unless Areva challenges it. "The NRC does not currently have sufficient information to determine that competitive harm would result from releasing this information," the agency said in the letter. A U.S.

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